Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

What I'm Doing?!

Welcome to my new game design blog. Since I've been a little child, I've been into media creation. I produced music, designed websites and created my own little games. Now I'm going to start studying "Game Development and Research" in september in Cologne.
In preparation for this, I've started reading a book called "Game Design Workshop" by Tracy Fullerton, which is great by the way.

What makes the book great is that it will give the reader a small task every few pages. I thought of a way to do all these little exercises and thought it would be a good idea to start a blog about it.
So from now on, I'll be doing these little tasks the book tells me to and post them here.

Maybe it will be helpful for someone else who wants to start with Game Design like me.

In addition to reading the book and doing these tasks, I'm currently working on a new game with Unity. It's called "Physics Memory" and will hopefully be available for iOS and Android in September.

It's basically a memory game, but the cards are blocks in a physical 2D environment.

Here are some screenshots: